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Hello lovelies! I have a gorgeous nail colour to share with you today. I've been eyeing for a while the new Dior Vernis, with the new Gel-effect and finally got myself a bottle of the my favourite red of all times: 758 Victoire.

The new Dior Vernis formula is amazing, seriously, I do not know where to begin. Super pigmented, perfect consistency, and the brush... Oh! the brush, it's perfection in the nail polish Heaven! But you have certainly already heard all the good about the new Dior Vernis.

Victoire is a gorgeous red shade with the most lovely golden and red shimmer, and the glowing from the inside effect that is irresistible. For me it was love at first sight, and from all the colours of the new range I'd say this one is a must have. There might be a similar shade or even a dupe in other brands but the quality of this Dior vernis is imbattable in my opinion.

I could just afford for one and  only one shade, the sexy and timeless glowing red has not disappointed me.

Have you tried the new Dior vernis yet? or are you curious about it? Which shade would you like to try?