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I normally use all my makeup. I mean, not all at the same time of course! But I manage to rotate it, with seasons, special occasions, and a lot of organization, each piece of my collection eventually comes to life. Now this is the first time a piece of makeup is among my favourites and I'm so reluctant to actually use it! I would just stare at it for hours in admiration! Hahaha, yep I'm a hopeless case!

Let me introduce you to Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration and Gloss d'enfer in 940 Nahema Smack. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS pieces for a makeup collection, your vanity or makeup corner.

I have been using the gloss a lot and it's actually been in my everyday makeup bag for a while. But the Sun Celebration Terracotta powder...

It costed me a lot until I finally decide to use it! Well, I did not need therapy, in case you are wondering, but I wanted to preserve the gorgeous embossed design and the golden spray. Until one day I went like: the heck with it! I need to use it or it wouldn't make any sense to own it!
So here is how this powder combining bronzer and two different shades of blush looks on me.

The bronzer is very pigmented so I had a very light hand, because I'm very pale this Summer. The powder smells divinely! this is the new scent used by Guerlain using tiare flower. The powder texture is extremely fine, so it blends super easily leaving a flawless finish on the skin.

Does it ever happen to you that you like something so much you're a bit afraid of using it? If it does, when? what kind of thing? Maybe fancy expensive shoes? Let me know I'm not THAT crazy, LOL!