You know how sometimes things that didn't matter that much before suddenly become a must-have. Well, today I'll talk a little about neat cuticles. Yep, "clean cuticles" a.k.a cuticles free of any trace of nail polish, have certainly become a must-have and I though it was a good idea to write about the way I keep my cuticles clean with the Peel Off Liquid Tape from Born Pretty Store. It is very easy, and for the occasion I filmed my very first video tutorial!

I thought to divide the "neat & clean cuticles" in three posts, so I would no bore you to death with this. To start with I'd like to present you a new best friend to every nail artist or nail art enthusiast: Peel Off Liquid Tape. This product is meant to be applied on your cuticles before you make your nail art, in order to protect your skin from nail polish stains. Please watch my video tutorial on how to use it!!

It is very simple:

Apply it to the cuticles and all the surrounding skin you want to protect. You then allow it to dry. Once it dries you can proceed with your nail art. Finally peel the liquid tape off and tadaaa! clean cuticles!

Before, I used to do nail art and then clean up my mess with acetone or polish remover and Qtips or a fine brush. However, those products end up drying out skin and damaging it, so I find this new method much better! it is in fact "preventing" your cuticles to get stain. 
The Peel Off Liquid Tape  contains 10ml and is in offer now for 4.99 USD. Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

I hope you've liked this review, and enjoyed my first video-tutorial. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!