Hello Sweeties! I am rushing to write this post so it still goes live while it is yet Friday 6th here in Switzerland, right now is twenty to midnight :-/ 
Well, I'm only posting today because I did this manicure a while ago and wanted to share it. This is for the 52 weeks Challenge I'm participating in and the promt is "Black and white" plus 3D embellishments. 

I had a difficult week. I guess things aren't getting any better with my baby, and as she would only sleep in my arms (day AND night) or cry her lungs out my life is pretty miserable at the moment. I barely get any sleep and my days go between holding my baby or listening to her scream. Not quite ideal, huh? (of course I'm trying by all means to find out what is going on, but until today nobody has found anything wrong with my baby... except of course that she cries a lot and she sleeps too little).

Well, but enough about that. Today I wanted to show you a manicure I'm pretty happy with!
To achieve it I first painted all fingernails with Essence White wild ways, except the ring finger nail where I used  Manhattan sugar effect Give me sparkle, Gorgeous textured black and silver. I stamped using Essence Stampy black, and the Bundle Monster plate BM-XL12 with a heart and love theme. As my "technique" prompt was 3D embellishments, I though it was the perfect occasion to use these heart shaped nail decoration from Born Pretty Store. They are a bit bigger than what I would usually go for but I kind of like the jewel look.

What do you think of this mani? Does it get approved or not? Let me know your thoughts and wish me luck so my baby will hopefully finally sleep well this night.