Hello, hello, sweeties! How are you doing with this beautiful weather?!
It's been a wonderful sunny weekend! I have had much fun, with my family, and I also got to met many nice and interesting people on Friday while I visited Lausanne for a Summer party. So, to end the weekend cheerfully I have a pink manicure to show you ;)

This manicure was supposed to be the appointment n°34 (we are already at 38th) of the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge. But unfortunately, I couldn't manage to post it in time, and then a bunch of other things to post came and this manicure remain in the drafts. Until today that I decided to pull it out.

For the 34th week of the challenge the prompt was hotpink! YASS! Love it ♥
My personal technical prompt was "negative space". For those that aren't familiar with the term, "Negative space" refers to a nail art technique where your natural nail shows partly, a negative space nail art is supposed NOT to cover your natural nail completely. There are many ways to achieve this effect on the nails, I decided to go for a very simple one, which is stamp over "naked nails". I used Ya Qin An hot pink stamping nail polish from Born Pretty Store (that I have reviewed here) and the Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L 003. I then added some small golden dots and tried to colour the pattern with purple as a stamping decal, but it didn't work very well :P

That was all!
What do you think of this mani? Do you like Negative space nail art? Have you ever tried on your nails? I think it's fun!

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The upcoming blogging week is pretty busy. Tomorrow, for the Monday Shadow Challenge I have a quite shocking makeup look for you. I'm very excited because on Tuesday I'll be starting a new section to the blog dedicated to Korean beauty! The hump-day is a sparkling one, with some really cool nailpolish swatches. On Thursday we'll talk about Fashion and wedding dresses! Finally, on Friday, a new nail art for the 40 Great nail art ideas Challenge, with a design I've been wanting to do for YEARS!

Have a lovely start to your week tomorrow, see you then for the Monday Shadow Challenge.