Hello, Sweeties!! Happy Friday!
This week has been challenging, children were ill, yesterday I started feeling under the weather myself and today headaches are killing me! I need some tea,... like two gallons, please.
I hope this weekend we'll be taking it easy, all I really want to do is NOTHING, haha. What are your plans for the weekend?
Anyways, it's time for another nail art for the 40 Great Nail art Ideas Challenge, and the prompt this week is "Books". I think this is so far the most challenging of the prompts!

The topic "books" drove me insane. I started thinking about it in July!! and finally decided to do "Alice in Wonderland". Once I had the theme, evrything was supposed to be very easy... but no way! I had one ide, but that did not work very well. I did my manicure THREE times! the first one, I did not like the colour combo. Then did a new one, that was pretty enough for me, but had the stupidest idea of applying mattifying topcoat. ZOYA matte topcoat completely ruined it!! I couldn't even snap one picture of it, the topcoat formed like white stripes all over my nails, and it was impossible to see through. Horrible! I threw that top coat away and now I need a replacement. I have loved Essie's Matte about you, so I need a new bottle of that.

Finally, I did a manicure with the colours I liked, the final look is nothing spectacular, I'm bummed that the finish is glossy instead of matte but at least I'm participating to the challenge, which is the important thing, right?

For this manicure I used Moyou Purple punch as the base colour on all my fingers except the pinkie where I used Maybelline 820 gold. I then created some stamping decals with the MoYou Stamping plates Alice in wonderland #03 & #05 and the following colours: MoYou Prom Queen, Moyou White knight, Moyou black night, Maybelline 820, Moda #61. Of course I needed a topcoat to fix the decals on my nails and I only had glossy topcoats. But I would've loved this manicure with a matte finish.

This was my first manicure, I wasn't very fond of the colour combo.

So, what do you think of my Alice in Wonderland nails? After all the accidents to achive this mani, I really settled for this one, I wish they were matte, though.
Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge pals listed here below, and have a wonderful weekend!!