Swarovski has launched a new collection for Mother's day called #givebrilliant and, while we were shopping in Paris, my hubby generously offered to get me "anything of my choice" at the Swarovski store in Champs Elysées. That would be my present for the upcoming Mother's day! Thank you my loving dear!!
Of course, there is no way I could wait until Mother's Day -May 14th- to show you what I got, LOL. So here are my choices.

The Swarovski #givebrillant Mother's day collection is a fabulous, sleek, elegant collection, very delicate jewelry. Right up my alley! Most of the jewelry I own look very alike to this collection, so it perfectly suits my taste. However, I was really determined to get something a bit special and different from what I usually wear. I know, how contradictory! I usually wear sleek thin delicate rings but I fancied a bigger ring, a little more audacious. Not too much though.

I tried several rings and hesitated a lot. Decided to sleep on it and two days later I went back to the store and got the sublime Swarovski Fun ring in rose gold. It is so different from everything I already own, it immediately called my attention, it was a coup de coeur. But as I am not a rich gal, when I am going to splurge on a jewelry piece, I usually give it a good thought first ;)

I love the rounded shapes the crystals pacé placed with Pointiage, the color, the way it suits my skin tone, I love everything about it! You'll notice I am not modeling it in the pictures, the reason being it is not officially mine (yet). But as per May 14th, I'll be sporting it and will show it off on pics for sure!

While I was in the store, I was tempted to get a pair of earrings as well (these would be on me, hubby dear, I don't want to abuse your generosity). Let me say that the Swarovski range of earrings is huge and so freaking beautiful, it was very difficult to choose. I finally made up my mind and got the Swarovski Forward earrings, which are a versatile pair that can be used as a crystal stud only or as a stud with a pendant. They are also rose gold plated and sooooo pretty!

I am super excited with my new Swarovski picks! What do you think of the items I chose? What would you have chosen? What kind of jewelry do you like? Tell me about it in the comments!


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