Hello, sweeties! Happy weekend!
This week the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas" challenge is "work appropriate nail art".
Some jobs are very strict and don't allow nail polish at all. Some jobs are super relaxed and you could sport the craziest nail art to work without a problem. But, in between the two extremes, there are those jobs where while you can still wear nail polish, the very conservative environment (or different reasons) would require a discreet, lo-profile nail grooming. So today my challenge pals and I are here to remind you that being conservative and discreet doesn't mean boring! You can totally wear nail art to a conservative job and slaaaaay! ...in a discreet way, of course.

This is the simplest more basic nail art you will find, but for that very reason, I find it very chic. I simply painted my nails with a very glossy nude shade. This is OPI Coconuts about OPI and draw a simple vertical rose gold line with a metallic polish (Butter London Goss). That is all!

The rose gold will show only at certain angles adding "peps" to your look and it will create the illusion of super-glossy nails from other angles. Easy, quick, chic, minimalistic, modern and discreet! I'm sure you can sport this nail art in most situations!

What do you think of work-safe nail art? Is this something you wear or are likely to wear in the future? Let me know all in the comments! Also, don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge pals listed here below!