Happy Friday, sweeties! How are you?

Today is the las day of June and the first day of our local summer celebration called "Braderie". It is a very fun event that is held yearly here in Biel (the city where I live) and lasts three days. I can already tell you, we'll be out on the street from early morning until late evening (if the weather behaves ;) ). There is food, drinks, music, SUMMER SALES, friends, rides for the children, loads of fun, what is not to love?! If you want to follow our family adventures in the Braderie, be sure to watch my Instagram Stories this weekend!
Meanwhile, another month flew by and it's time for a recap!

June was way less busy than May. We had a few birthday parties and enjoyed the summer weather. We had nice barbecue moments, late afternoon and evening walks, playground games with the children, movie nights with the hubby. We also assisted to the summer party of our daughter's second year of daycare, and it was so much fun realizing how much she has grown since last summer!
We totally skipped summer sales, although we still have a chance to catch up with that this weekend. But I think both my husband and I have changed a little our shopping mentality lately, we shop a lot less for more specific items of a greater quality and we don't just buy stuff because "it was discounted".

We've already booked our summer vacation, and I'm never been more ready for it. We've worked hard this first half of the year, but we've enjoyed a lot too!

It was also a very productive month for the blog. I've come up with 6 new nail art designs, created 9 colorful makeup looks, written 9 (!) new reviews, including a new series dedicated to shopping my own makeup stash recently inaugurated.

This month nail related posts:

Nail art │ Graffiti nail design inspired by music [Nail Crazies Unite]
Nail art │ Metal Series Nail Polish with mirror effect from Born Pretty Store

In total there were 19 new blog posts in June, I think you have some reading to catch up! LOL Worry not, because my blogposts average is 3 minutes reading :) ⠀

Looking back, this was a pretty cool month! What was your month of May like? Where there hard moments? What about the happy ones? Did you do something new? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!!