Hello, my lovelies!
How are you doing today?
Today I'm starting a new series of posts dedicated to show some love to makeup products of my own collection instead of buying new. This is known in the blogging/youtube jargon as "Shopping my stash", which means rediscovering products that you haven't used in a while!
The month of June I've been playing with Guerlain Crazy Paris Palette, which was untouched, never used and in its original packaging! I am also showing you a look I created with it. Keep reading to find out :)

Last Spring I cleaned up a bit my makeup collection and ditched lots of stuff that smelled weird, were filthy or broken. I came to the realisation the I had a lot of items (especially high-end stuff) barely used, or NEVER used, still in their original packaging!! Especially the high-end eyeshadow quads and quints: Here take a look!

I know... Those items were needing LOVe a.s.a.p.

Therefore, I decided to start this new series of posts here on the blog that would allow me to commit in "Shopping my stash", which means going through products I own instead of buying new, and using them for a while. I have decided that each month I would pick an eyeshadow quad or quint from my collection and use it during the whole month. The month of June I've been using Guerlain Crazy Paris Palette and today I share with you one of the looks I came up with.

Guerlain Crazy Paris Eye palette Neon look

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection came out for Winter 2013, at that time I got the Crazy Paris terracotta bronzer, that I almost finished up and enjoyed so very much, and I featured it in here many times. At the time the palette was way out of my budget (it retailed for 90 USD). But a year later or so, I found it brand new on a sale for 30 USD and of course I jumped on it. It is a beautiful array of colours in a sumptuous packaging, and it almost felt like a pity to use it. So I stuck it in a drawer and FORGOT about it!! (yes you are allowed to slap ma face).

The palette was completely new, and I used it for the first time this month. After 3 years of its release, the powder and pigmentation are outstanding, and it still smells like new!

I have used only this palette for most of the month of June (except for the looks I had to do for reviews and challenges here in the blog or Instagram). There is one particular look that I loved so I recreated it to share it with you.

My Pink and Black Crazy Paris Look

For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:

Face/ Visage:
- NYX HD Photogenic concealer CW04 Beige
- MAC Pro long wear foundation NC20

- Urban Decay primer potion
- Guerlain Crazy Paris Eye Palette Neon Look
- KIKO Milano Extreme volume effect mascara kit

- Guerlain Gloss d’enfer #468 Candy strip


I don't think most people would see the point in this, but for a makeup blogger/collectionner/junkie it is normal to have lots of products. I mean, some of them you receive as PR sample, sometimes you buy them for your "collection" and that doesn't mean you really "need" them. But once you have them, it is such a pity not to use them! I used to collect Dior and Chanel quads and quints, especially limited editions. I stopped buying limited editions last year, and I do not longer buy high-end items, because I decided I wanted to USE my collection, not only ADMIRE it. This is quite a change for me and my approach to makeup.
So brace yourself, because I have over 25 palettes/quads/quints to go through. Let's see if I can keep this challenge going monthly for... 2 years?!! ok, let's see if I can make it. If I'm still here, and you are still there, LOL!!
Love you loads!