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I have three items from Born Pretty Store for review that are totally new for me, a beautiful green Cat eye soak off gel Magnetic polish, a No Wipe soak off gel Top coat and a magnet. Would you like to see how these items perform? Keep reading then!

Until this date I was never drawn to UV gel polish, because I'm not very fond of the curing or the removal, and because I like to change my nail colors quite frequently. But when these Magnetic gel/ Cat Eye gel polishes became popular, I totally fell for them. The effect is like no other and can't be achieved with regular polish.

For this manicure, I cleaned and sanitized my nails, I primed them and apply a peel-off basecoat from Essence cosmetics. I cured with my 12V Led lamp. Then I applied a coat of the Born Pretty Magnetic Gel/Cat eye gel #04 and cured it. It was pretty opaque and even with one coat, but I thought it would look better with two coats, so I painted and the second coat. Before curing it, I approached the magnet to my nails, as close as I could without touching the gel, to get the eye cat effect. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with the magnet, as the videos and tutorials I've seen use always magnets in form of a thin metallic bar, and the one I got from Born Pretty Store looks more like a dot. The effect was visible to my eye, and even in my pictures you can see a little bit of the effect, as well as the awesome holo glitter in it. I also applied the Born Pretty Store No Wipe Soak Off gel Top Coat, and cured it for 30 seconds, the topcoat really kept my manicure for very long time (at least for me it was nearly 2 weeks).

It was actually easier to apply than I thought it would. It took me some getting used to the consistency though, and got my nail cuticles flooded a couple of times, being forced to clean up before curing. But for a very first time I think the result is pretty good, what do you think? This manicure wore 12 days on me, without chipping and only minor tip wear. The removal was actually much easier than I anticipated, I used a foil method (wrapping a cotton ball damp in acetone with a kitchen aluminium foil around my nails).

I love both the effect, and I need to practise a little more, to get the results I saw on different tutorials! I will definitely be getting more of these Magnetic soak off  gels!

The Born Pretty Store Holographic Cat Eye Gel Magnetic Soak Off UV Gel Polish contains 10ml and comes in 6 different colours, I got the color number #04. Each bottle retails now for 3.99 USD instead of 6.99 USD at Born pretty storebut only for a limited time! You can also get all the 6 colours for a special price.
The BORN PRETTY No Wipe Top Coat Soak Off for UV Gel Polish contains10ml and each bottle retails now for 2.79 USD instead of 5.47 USD at Born pretty storeYou can also get the special base coat for the same price.

The Nail art magnet currently retails for USD 1.49 . Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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Do you use UV gel? What do you think of this magnetic cat eye effect?