I'm a total sucker for stationary, in general. When I enter a stationary shop, my little eyes gleam with rainbow glitter! I can't help it, all those colours and small items that are already pretty themselves, but in addition, they are meant for creative activities! When I was young, I used to do a lot of creative manual activities, I draw, paint, make collages, so I always found something useful in the stationary shops. Nowadays, I don't longer paint or draw, but my main "creative" activity is decorating my planner. For many years I kept a regular planner, to keep track of my activities, appointments and notes, but it wasn't a creative outlet. A few years ago I discovered Happy Planner, which is not only incredibly customizable for your own needs, but also allows for some entertaining creativity to happen.
I bought my planner in 2016, and since then I only keep adding months to the same planner. Today, I'd like to show you some decorative (but also useful) stickers and accessories for my planner that I bought recently from MAMBI.

MAMBI is the brand "Me And My Big Ideas" founded by the lady who invented the Happy Planner. It is basically a system with rings that allows you to remove or add as many as pages as you wish, change the order of the pages, add reminders, and also offers a wide range of stickers with practical info (like "appointment", "dinner" "birthday", "checklists" "to do", etc) and motivational quotes or phrases. I find the system ideal for me, because I can have a cute colourful planner, without having to spend loads of time drawing or painting, I just use the stickers!

Here is what I got to make my planner even more useful for me:

Sticker rolls "Checklist"

This is one of the newest items from the MAMBI brand. The box includes 5 rolls of stickers with different colours and shapes, but they all serve the same purpose: creating checklists!! I tell you I'm a "To-do-lister", I'm doing lists for so many things! Grocers, materials for the children school, packing lists, lists related to my blog, things to remember, movies I'd like to watch, you name it!! Between you and me, things can get quite messy when you're always making lists, so these stickers were heaven-sent for me!

Extra thin Washi tape

If you don't know what Washi tape is, basically is adhesive-tape which is decorated and its purpose is purely ornamental. Original washi tape is made of rice paper and was invented in Japan. Rice paper is translucent so that you can see through it, which makes this decoration very delicate. I have a small collection of washi tapes, but most of them are pretty wide, around 2.5 cm. I love decorating my planner with washi tape because it takes no time and gives a beautiful result, but wide tapes take too much space on my planner and then I don't have enough space for writing my appointments! I suppose I'm not the only one with this problem because MAMBI came up with a great idea, extra thin tapes! This way you can decorate away without worrying of taking up too much space.
Each package contains 10 rolls of washi tape with different patterns and only 3mm width. The rolls come with a colour theme, I picked the black, the pink one and the "pastel colours" one. Each rolls has at least 6m of tape, so you have plenty of fun decorating!

Colourful Note and Graph paper

I often add to my planner a few notes, sometimes I handwrite a recipe that my mom tells me on the phone, I write down the monthly activities for my children, household budget and monthly to-do lists. When I saw this pack containing three different colours I knew it was going to be excellent to keep track of different subjects without mixing them! I would add one page of each colour at the beginning of each month so I can have everything neatly planned.
The pack contains 24 pages, 8 for each colour.

Black and white note and graph paper

This item is very similar to the previous one but it contains 40 pages. 20 of them are lined notepaper, and 20 are graph paper. This item has been sold out from the MAMBI shop for very long, I use this to build my tracking boards for the blog. I keep one graph page per month, where I write all the posts I plan to write and I have a follow-up of the making: testing a product, taking photos, writing, editing photos, publishing. I also keep track of the social media promotion of the content I create, which is very useful! Sometimes I forget to share the pictures on Pinterest or on Facebook, so keeping track is essential for me!

Daily planning Fill paper

This is the last item I got, which is not a novelty in the shop, but I thought it is GENIUS! The planner is organized weekly. You know you open it and you can see your week on two pages, with a small section for notes. Normally this is more than enough for me to write down all my activities, appointments, and even keep some notes. However, you and I know there are moments when all the paper in the world won't be enough to write all you have to do! You know what I mean, when things get very busy, almost hectic and you have to take care of loads of details. Like preparing a family trip while still having all your routine going on, preparing to host a very important party or celebration, Christmas, Halloween, etc. You know, when you have things to buy, things to prepare, things to cook, people to phone to (after phoning them usually you have even MORE things to do). In that confusion, it is very easy to get disorganized, forget important things while caring for irrelevant details. These pages have a big section marked by the hour and another big section for notes or lists. I don't know about you, but this is a life saver for those busy days.
Being an insert, you don't need to fill your planner with all these pages, as you use them only for those busy days, and then you can simply throw them away.


I love my happy planner and I'm very happy with the additions I made to it. If you want to know how this looks like, here below I add some pictures of my well-loved planner. You can see its cover, then some pages without content, that is how the planner appears plainly. Finally, I show you next week's page so you can see how I've decorated and prepared to be filled-in with all my appointments.

What about you? Have you got a planner? What kind of planner do you use? Do you mind decorating it or adding cute details to it? Let me know in the comments!


*The items reviewed were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.