Hello, my lovelies!

Have you done anything special last weekend? last week it snowed a lot around here and we were hoping it would stick through the weekend so we could take the kids sledding, and it did! So we had lots of fun in the snow! Has it snowed where you live?

Now, let's get into makeup! As much as I enjoy playing in the snow with my children, I'm pretty much fed up with winter by now and I REALLY want Spring to arrive. Seriously. Today's makeup was done last week when the temperature reached -20°C and I was praying for it to get warmer! The Monday Shadow Challenge combines "chocolate brown and anise green" and I created a simple makeup as a transition from winter to spring. I hope you like it!

For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:

Face/ Visage:
Givenchy Croisière Healthy Glow Powder #2Douce Croisière
- Wet N Wild ColorIcon blush in Apri-cot in the Middle
- Makeup Geek Highlighter "Luster"

- Essence Super Precise eyeliner longlasting + waterproof

- Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in #17 Cool brown

How I did it

For today's look I wanted to create a makeup look that would recall the Spring but still be suitable for the snowy season, as we were having really freezing temperatures around here and I was wearing the warmest clothes I own. I decided to use only my single eyeshadows, because I don't own any palette with brown chocolate and light green.

For this look I basically created a brown frame to my eyes, on the crease and outer corner, and I placed the light green in the center and inner corner of my eyes. I added a light cream shade to the very inner corner and still thought that my look was too "earthy". So, I applied a golden shade on top of the brown in the inner portion of my crease. Finally I added a thin line with gold eyeliner, and mascara.

On the face, I used a bronzer from Givenchy, a peach blush by Wetnwild and on the lips, I used a beautiful nude shade by Bourjois.


I hesitated a lot about posting this look or not because I wasn't happy with the result. The green shade does not pop enough on my pictures and I think I should have used a double eyeliner brown and gold, instead of only gold, because this colour makes my eyes look (even) smaller. But finally I thought, that none of my makeups is perfect and I would share it all the same, so here it is!
Now, I invite you to go check the creations of my challenge mates on the Facebook page of the challenge.


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