Hello, lovelies! Happy weekend!

Today the  "26 Great Nail art Ideas Challenge" prompts us to create a manicure with our  "Least favourite colour" and for the life of me I can't think of a colour I don't like!!  I know this sounds ridiculous, but while it is easy for me to spot the three colours I love most, there is none I truly dislike. I like the rest all equally!
So I decided to tweak this challenge a bit and go with a colour that doesn't suit my skintone. Well, that's another story! I love the colour itself, but I think it is not flattering against my skin. I think we've all have an "Unflattering colour" right? For me it is every grey colour with a blue tint! What is your unflattering colour?

To create this manicure I started painting my nails with two coats of this amazing blue-grey nail polish by OPI "Danny and Sandy 4 ever". from the latest OPI limited edition "Grease". This colour is so mesmerizing by itself and I hate that looks so terrible on me!
Once my white base was dry, I stamped on it with a some arabesque image from a MoYouLondon stamping plate. I filled in the images in my middle and ring fingernails with soft pink and white. I was quite satisfied with my design, although is nothing to call home about, but I totally ruined it with my topcoat! Arghh! As I applied the clear top coat, the brush dragged my design (facepalm).

These are the products and Items I used:

  • Blue-Grey shimmery polish, OPI Danny & Sandy 4ever
  • Silver stmaping polish, MoYou London Silver Dust
  • White stamping polish,  MoYou London White knight
  • Pink stamping polish,  MoYou London First Kiss
  • MoYou London Arabesque Collection #04 stamping plate
  • Thin nail art brush from Winstonia
  • OPI Rapidry topcoat

That was it! I hope you like my new manicure. Please, go pay a visit to my challenge mates to see what are their least favourite colours !!