Hello, sweeties! I hope you had a great weekend!
I've been feeling a little under the weather these past days, I caught a flu (the first of the season) but I didn't want to miss this appointment for the "Nail Crazies Unite" nail art Challenge because this week's theme is Fall Fashion Inspired nails. As we've seen in the catwalks, the upcoming season is very rich combining different trends but I'd say the most prominent ones are the heavy layering of different pieces and the strong reminiscence of the 1980's fashion.
I'm a child of the 1980' and I hated the fashion of those days with a passion, hahaha. I wasn't very happy in the 90's either so following these reminiscent trends is not really my cup of tea. However, for the nail art challenge purpose, I thought it could be fun to create a manicure combining the excess of colours and patterns that marked that decade. I hope you like it!

Creating this manicure was easy and quick. You definitely need a clear stamper to be able to layer your images with ease.
1) I painted my nails with a beautiful blue-grey nail polish, from the recently launched OPI Peru collection.
2) I waited for the base polish to dry COMPLETELY.
3) once my polish was dry I stamped on it using different colours and images, superposing them to create a layered design.
4) Finally, I sealed my design with a clear top coat

These are the products and Items I used:

I hope you've liked my q980's inspired nail art. Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more "Fall Fashion Trends" inspired manicures! You can find their creations on the list down below!

Have a lovely evening!