Hello, my lovelies!
Another month has begun and, as I usually do, I have emptied a few tubes and bottles and It's time to give you my feedback on those!
Just for clarification, because I got a few confusing comments and questions, my "Empties" article, is meant to share with you my feedback on products that I have either purchase myself (for the majority of them) or received as press samples and that I've used up completely. Many of the products I've received for free already have a full review on their own, but I featured them again for the simple reason that I believe they deserve it! Using a product fully can give a better idea of the performance and efficacity of a product (especially for those antiageing ones). In the seldom occasion, using up a product has made me change my mind about it!! I have ended up hating products that I initially loved, because they had some undesired effect or because I simply got tired of it, sick of their smell, etc. Sometimes, I ended up loving products that I initially hated because I found a way to use it better, or more adapted to me or simply because the product changed after a few uses! (mascaras that are too liquidy are a good example!)
I prefer reading reviews of "empty" tubes, rather than monthly favourites where influencers just gather all the press samples they got that month and you can tell some of the packagings are untouched, so you wonder "how can she have three different favourite foundations in a month?". Well, things that happen I suppose. This has been too chatty already, so I suggest that we take a look at the products I've recently finished up, shall we?

My "Empties" post series is consistent with my resolution of committing to consuming more responsibly. Use up the products that I bought before buying new ones, as well as evaluating what I'm using by reviewing it and deciding whether to repurchase or not. By the way, helping you decide on your own purchase.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Lip & Eye makeup Remover

I got my hands on this makeup remover thanks to my hubby! The Face Shop is a well-known Korean beauty brand, fro which I've reviewed a few Face masks here. Long story short, my hubby is aware of my excitement for Korean Beauty brands, so in one of his trips he saw a store about Korean stuff and he phoned me to ask me "do you need anything" at that time I was running low in makeup remover so that's what I asked him to bring!
So crazy when the people that surrounds you are so aware of your "beauty/cosmetic/freakness", lol
Well, this is a VERY gently and very efficient bi-phase remover. It contains an oily phase that emulsionates with the rest when you shake it (you need to shake before applying) and it dissolves makeup quite easily. There is no need to rub and damage the delicate skin of your eyes! but it does need to "soak" I saturate a cotton pad and soak my makeup for at least 30 seconds. It works nicely removing waterproof makeup, and it is very pleasant on the lips. I find that you need quite a bit of product so that it works effectively, which has made my 110ml bottle last very short. This is the only reason I wouldn't repurchase it. Other than that it is a very gentle product ideal for mature, dry skin and compatible with lenses use.

Cellullar Eye contour Definition by La Colline*

Of all the eye creams I've tried in my life, this has been hands down the one that gave me the most visible results. I have LOVED this eyecream to pieces! It has definitely made my sagging eyelids firmer, to the point of giving me a more opened eye look. I've never seen something like this with other products! It has the right texture, it is quite rich (most suitable for mature or dry skin types) so I used it at night before going to sleep. Using up this little tube took me around two/three months (using once per day) and I WOULD repurchase a whole load of this cream if it wasn't so over my budget! It is quite expensive, and I can't indulge in such cream every time, so after considering throwing a small funeral for my tube, and quickly dismissing this idea, I thought to talk you about it once more, just in case your budget is larger than mine, and you are struggling to fight back signs of age on your eye area but don't want an intervention. Look no further THIS IS IT.
(REad more about it in my previous reviews here and here.

Biox Intensive Age Defying Eye Cream Gel*

Another eye cream! Yes, I used the cream from La Colline for my night routine and this gel-cream by Permier in the morning. I've said every possible good thing about this cream and I still think it's great. I finished this tube before my summer vacation, so it's been around a month or so I don't longer use it, and I can totally tell the difference! This made my skin so smooth, elastic, bright, it definitely made my eyes look younger! Especially when I applied makeup on top, I didn't have all the small lines I can see now :(
Another great skincare product that is too expensive for my budget, but sooooo worthy!
If you need more details about this cream gel enriched with Dead Sea minerals you can read m review here.

Collistar Dual Action Mask Exfoliating and Regenerating*

I had received this mask last year for my honest review, I used it quite a bit, then forgot about it (with new masks and products to try!). A couple of weeks ago I remembered it was about to expire (yes I keep track of my open products on an excel file!!) and decided to use it a couple more times to finish it up and I remembered how much I liked it! In fact, I'm planning to get a new one, along with a bunch of other masks in my next order from Collistar.
This mask has a dual effect, firstly a phisical exfoliator that you massage gently and then you leave it on for a few minutes so that the regenerating ingredients can sink in. It leaves my skin very soft, brighter and it has a longlasting effect.
If you need more details about this product you can read my previous review here.

Caudalie Glycolic peel (Facial mask)

This is not the first time I purchase this mask. In fact, I repurchased it because I remembered it had quite positive effects on me. BUT this second time, I didn't notice a big difference! I checked the ingredients which are the same, so this product hasn't changed since the last time I bought it. However, my general impression was that "this does nothing" on my skin. Yes, my skin looks and feels soft after using it, but so it does with so many other of my products!
So, my conclusion is: if you don't exfoliate frequently, and your skin care routine is very basic, and you are young, this might work perfectly for you! If you have a 6 or more steps skincare routine, and you exfoliate frequently, this product will not make a difference for your skin. So, there you go!
(Here is a link to my previous review).

Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow base

I have already reviewed this product before (here) and it finally finished! This small  5ml tube lasted me for about ONE year, and it cost me around 5 € (can't really remember but it was cheap). I must say that I don't wear eyeshadow primer every day, but let's say three times per week as an average. Anyway, that lasted for VERY long! It is a great Primer if you have mature skin or dry eyelids. I find that some other primers are too drying or too harsh on my skin. I did not have this problem with the Catrice primer it is as good as my beloved Urban Decay Antiageing Primer potion, but it costs one third the price! So yes, definitely one product I will keep repurchasing!

Wetnwild MaxFanatic Cateye mascara 

It was a long time I haven't come across with a mascara I loved this much! This is my second tube (but no worries, I still have two more backups!) I love this mascara for my thin, short, straight lashes, it is so amazingly black that it completely transforms my lashes from "meh" to "wwoooooow". Oh, and it is super affordable. What's not to like?


I hope these mini-reviews have been somehow useful to you. I am happy that I am sticking to my resolution of reviewing the products I use up this year as well.
Do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a question if you need more information or if you have suggestions for me!


*The products marked with (*) have been sent to me as press samples. This article is not sponsored, it may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.