Hello, my lovelies! How are you today? How is this Wednesday treating you?
Today I have the new BeautyBigBang nail art stamping plates and pouch to show you! These are Halloween and Fall themed and so adorable that is impossible to choose one. Fortunately, they are also very affordable so you don't really have to choose ;)

Beauty Bigbang 24 Slots Laser Holo Nail Stamping Plate Holder Case 

If you own a few nail art stamping plates, you definitely need a way to store them and organize them!
This gorgeous plate holder fits 24 stamping plates and it is also practical to transport them, you can easily find the design you are looking for by flipping the pouches inside!
The cover of the holder is made of synthetic material in colour pink that has holo iridescency! It is so beautiful! I has also a golden zip and a cute zip charm in a heart shape.

The Plate holder has:
  • 8 Rectangular Slots Size: Approx. 13.5*7.4cm
  • 16 Square Slots Size: Approx. 6.5*6.7cm (Suit for square & round plates)
  • Case Size: Approx. 16*9*2.8CM 

The Holo Nail Stamping Plate Holder retails for 8.99 USD (down from 15.96) and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Fall/Halloween Nail Stamping Plates XL-002

I have already introduced to you the great quality of BeautyBigBang stamping plates here, so I am not going to repeat myself. The designs are very well etched and easy to pick up with any of my stampers, I have many different brands and they all work well. Also, the designs are very well proportioned, as the measure 20mmx 15mm, which fits most nail sizes, even mine which are quite long at this moment.
The designs in these plates are very varied and you can create all kind of Fall themed manicures! From romantic, feminine, girly to super fun and spooky Halloween designs!  I already created a couple of manicures with them that I have shared with you here and here.

The Halloween themed stamping plate XL020 retails only for 3.59 USD! (down from 5.99 USD) The plate #020 is available here.

The Halloween themed stamping plate XL019 retails only for 3.59 USD! (down from 5.99 USD) The plate #019 is available here.

The Stamping plate XL024 Chrysanthemum, Sunflower Design, retails only for 3.95 USD! (down from 5.99 USD) The plate #024 is available here.

The Stamping plate XL023, wtih Flower Theme Roses and daisies Designs, retails only for 4.99 USD! (down from 5.99 USD) The plate #023 is available here.

The Stamping plate XL021, with different leaves, wheat, a deer, parrot and hibiscus flower! It retails only for 3.59 USD! (down from 5.99 USD) The plate #021 is available here.

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I hope you find my review useful and that you like the new plates!

* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.