Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

Finally, I came around to put together another outfit post for you. It's been a challenge for sure! We actually don't have time to set aside for doing proper "photo shootings"(we, meaning hubby "photographer" and me). But, somehow my fresh optimism thought we could just slip a couple of snaps into our normal life. You know, it is actually much harder than I would have imagined!

We will give it a try in a few days and see if we can manage to bring all our stuff with us. Yes, last time, we went out to take pics, only to find the camera memory card was missing and the battery was dying, LOL. Yeah, we need some fine tuning in the "planning section", haha.

Today I have a weekend casual comfy outfit, perfect for the strange transition weather we are having now. The winter is about to end, it's sunny, but still chilly at times for spring outfits. I hope you'll like it :)

I am not trying to be a fashion blogger, I'm really not that much into "trends" to be totally honest. But I do get dressed every day... I also struggle sometimes with that! I've put on weight with my pregnancies, so my old nice clothes stopped fitting, and other priorities took that place. Buying clothes, putting together an outfit, stopped being important to me. Accessories... what'd that? Yes, amazing how motherhood can change a person.
In the past year, I managed to lose some weight, nearly 30 lbs. That's not enough for me to fit in my prenatal clothes (the few pieces I keep from those years), but enough for me to need to renew my wardrobe a bit. I thought it would be fun to share this with you!

I must say I'm more into style than into trends. But the truth is, my style has caught a punch in the face with all the mommyhood and black leggings 24/7 which can hardly be called "a style". 

I'm all for having a few good quality pieces that you can combine or layer differently, that you can style in more dressed up or more casual ways. Would you like me to put together a post about "Wardrobe staples"??

Today's look is a comfy and casual one, that could be great for a weekend, or a vacation. Skinny Jeans (which are obviously a staple), a short sleeved jacquard blouse, in a feminine and romantic style! I think this piece is very versatile and could be worn with dressy pants, any kind of skirt or jeans. It will definitely be great in warmer days worn by itself or under a cardi in colder days.
The day we took the pictures it was nearly 0°C outside, so I couldn't have pulled this off without a shawl. I know, shawls are not very trendy but I LOVE them. I find them super romantic, cosy and warm, but can also be very elegant, especially on top of a tailored suit or a top of your favourite coat when it is really cold! I could say any lady needs a warm shawl in her wardrobe, but of course, I wouldn't actually say so, because all you really need is love (The Beatles).

So this is it, this outfit pretty much summarizes my own style at the moment! Casual, cosy, practical but a bit feminine and romantic too.

What do you think of the outfit? Are you into casual outfits with a romantic touch?

Have a wonderful week,

Knitted Shawl from Manor