Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

In today's "outfit" edition, I'd like to talk about a trend that started last Fall and stays strong this year! Paperbag pants! I've been repeating that I'm not one to follow trends blindly, but this is a trend that I adopted because it is so "me". Besides, this trend has been going strong for three seasons now, we can safely say it is here to stay, right? Let's take a look to my way to style my spring paperbag pants!

Unlike my previous fashion posts, today I won't be talking about a "staple" or basic garment for your wardrobe. This is rather a "trendy" piece, but that I find to be chic, comfortable and very flattering like the "paperbag pants".
But what are exactly "paperbag" pants, what does it mean? "Paperbag pants or troussers, are VERY high-waisted pants that sit just above your belly button and usually come with an attached belt that pulls in the waist. A paper bag cut generally means a garment that features extra fabric at the waist – making it perfect for belting! Typically worn high at the waist, it creates a feminine silhouette that adds shape to an outfit, making it chic, but not overdone. So it is actually suitable for casual outfits aswell.
I like so much the Paperbag pants that I've got three of them in different colours and fabrics. Why do I like them so much? Well, I find that high waisted pants in general flatter my curvy figure, as my hips are way larger than my waist. The belt part accentuates the waist and the pants are quite large (even baggy) around the hips and belly, giving me plenty of comfort for moving around. Which is NOT true with high-waisted jeans, for instance. Yes, I have a low belly, have always had it, and after having babies my hopes for eliminating this part of my body have vanished. So I embrace my lower belly, and respect it, giving it plenty of space and comfort, letting it be!

My Wardrobe tip for chic travelers: 
Paperbag pants are a great ally for travelling! They look chic, can be worn with a large number of tops, blouses or shirt and look always good. But they are also very comfortable!
If you travel for business and have a long flight, spending long hours sitting in a plane, a paperbag pant is a great choice, much more comfortable than jeans and much chicer than training pants. If you choose them in polyester fabric, then you are sure they won't wrinkle either, in case you travel for business, you'll look on point as you arrive even after 12 hours flight!
It is also a great choice for a vacation trip, visiting around a city super comfy and looking chic, or simply enjoying a nice evening by the beach! In that case go for cotton or linen fabrics!

Today's look is another casual-feminine one. As we were visiting the beautiful city of Rome I chose to wear a satin blouse in a light champagne colour to pair with my khaki green paper bag pants in lightweight cotton gabardine. Khaki green is a colour I love for several reasons: it practically goes with everything, it is a good colour for every season, especially spring and summer, and it will wear well through the possible mishaps of travelling with children.

Note that my pants have a very long tie belt in the same fabric of the pants, which allows me to tie a bow, I know... but hey! I've been saying my style is more casual with a romantic touch, so there is never too much cuteness you can't add with a bow!

To complete my look I wore a large linen scarf, with coral and green flower print. I find the scarf tights together the whole look and gives it a nice "Spring" vibe to it. I also wore my nude ballerinas which are super comfortable to walk long distances and pair well with almost anything and everything!!

I loved wearing this outfit in Rome, I felt comfortable and "well-dressed" as well. I have worn these pants many times this Spring and I plan in getting a lighter colour in a lighter fabric for summer!

What about you? have you fallen for the paper bag pants trend? 

Have a wonderful week,

Khaki green Paperbag pants (H&M sold out, similar here )
Floral printed XL scarf from Esprit (older season, similar here)
Nude ballerinas (Cube, similar here)