Hello, my lovelies! How are you today?
I can't believe we are already in March! January did not want to go away and then February came and left so soon!
I have a huge amount of empty products this time, because I haven't posted in a long time, but I kept all my empty bottles all this time! I will definitely film a video for the empty products next time.
It was impossible to fit all my empty products in one post, so I divided them into categories, and this month I'm sharing with you (some of) the skincare products that I've used up!
Take a closer look at my mini-reviews :)

My "Empties" post series is consistent with my resolution of committing to consuming more responsibly. Use up the products that I bought before buying new ones, as well as evaluating what I'm using by reviewing it and deciding whether to repurchase or not. By the way, helping you decide on your own purchase.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra-mild

This is my latest cleansing discovery! I picked it up while I was looking for a very mild cleanser that would be gentle enough for me during winter, when my skin is very dry and sensitive. This products did not disappoint me!
It is a cream/milk like product which does not foam. It is not very efficient to remove makeup, but I wanted it mostly to wash my face in the mornings or after my workouts. I just massage the product gently on my skin to remove impurities, then I rinse with lukewarm water and that's all!
It leaves my skin clean and not dry at all, so if you have dry skin problems, just give it a try! I am certainly going to repurchase it especially while the cold weather lasts.

DHC Eye & lip Make-up remover. 

DHC is a Japanese brand very well known for its famous oil cleanser. I've tried this bi-phase makeup remover a couple of years ago and I've repurchased it regularly since then. It removes my makeup gently, it doesn't irritate my eyes, it takes a double application for waterproof makeup, but it ends up removing everything. It is not very expensive, in the same range most bi-phase cleanser form other brands. I like it because it does not dry out my eye are or my lips and it is very gentle!

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep water By Wishtrend

This is my favourite Prep water or toner with BHA acid, it is the one that gets along with my skin and I keep repurchasing it since I first tried it. I have ranted about it in this previous post of mine and I still think the same. I love this product that exfoliates my skin ever so gently, leaving it smooth and glowing EVEN in winter, and believe you me when I tell you my skin HATES winter and gets very angry, dry, irritated, it could even peel sometimes! I've forgotten all of that since I've found the right exfoliant for me! If you'd like to experiment with acid exfoliants but aren't sure if your dry skin will tolerate it, this would be a good product to start with.

Melvita  Damask Rose Floral Water - Hydrating*

This floral water was kindly sent to me for review and I totally fell in love with it. You can read my complete review here. Ever since I started using this product I couldn't stop wondering "where has this been all my life??" How could I live for so long without a floral water? Believe me, if you have ageing skin, dry or sensitive skin, you'd want to consider introducing a floral water in your routine, especially this one! What does it do? It balances the skin after cleansing and prepares it for the following skincare products, it moisturizes the skin and provokes a such a pleasant feeling. Don't get me started with the scent! It is subtle and it doesn't lingers, but it is so nice. If you like roses scent, you will love this product. I will, of course, repurchase The floral water, maybe try a different one just out of curiosity!

Melvita Apicosma Soothing cream. Sensitive Skin, moisture. 

Last year while I was on a trip in Italy my skin got very irritated, gosh knows why! I had only a minimum skincare with me, so I went to a pharmacy who carried Melvita products and got this little cream that claims to be soothing and gentle. It was such a blessing for my skin! It totally helped soothing my dry skin! It is not a product that would do a lot of things, it does not have a ton of claims, its composition is quite simple, but it is a miracle for dry and sensitive skin when it is having a bad skin moment! So I decided to always have a tube in my stash since my face loves it so much!

MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule

The Korean Brand Missha is one of my favourites, it is is more on the High end in the Korean skincare world and they develop very efficient products for mature and ageing skin. I got to try a sample of this night serum thanks to the lovely Jodethe from BooonBox Korean cosmetics store, where I bought my full-size bottle. I LOVE this serum to pieces! It leaves my skin radiant, smoother, plumper, it does it all! I like to use it especially in combination with my Vitamin C serum. I will soon repurchase it for sure!

Melvita Argan Pure Concentrate Youthful fluid *

I received this moisturizer for a collab and really loved it! I have an in-depth review about this product with Argan oil here. It is great for dry skin and it leaves the skin feeling firmer and plumped! I love it for that reason, but I must say during the coldest months its moisturizing power fell short for my terribly dry skin. Never mind, because then, I switched to oils skincare which are richer and protect my skin better in winter. But I'll be repurchasing this lightweight moisturizer as soon as the weather warms up a bit!


I hope these mini-reviews have been somehow useful to you. I am happy that I am sticking to my resolution of reviewing the products I use up this year as well.
Do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a question if you need more information or if you have suggestions for me!


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*The products marked with (*) have been sent to me as press samples. This article is not sponsored, it may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.