Happy Friday my dears! which are your plans for the weekend? Anything interesting or exciting? 

Not much excitement here, except we will be moving in less than two weeks! I'm impatient to be in the new apartment, because all is brand new, and bigger than the old one, but at the same time there's still so much to be done! After moving, we'll only stay few days in the new home and then we'll be taking off to Argentina!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and looking forward to it, not only because is summer there, and we spend always great holidays in my home country, but also, and specially, because we will introduce our baby to the whole family, including my brother and my grandparents! My parents and my sister have already met our child, because they came to Switzerland for his birth and  Baptism. And I'm also so excited I'll meet my nephew in person. I'm an aunty! but have not been in Argentina yet since he was born.

Well, enough of chattering, into the polish! Today I have for you the rest of the Catrice LE SpectaculART, meaning the polishes. This collection includes 4 shades of which I've picked 3, and the glittery top coat. To see the other items I've picked click here.

To the swatches:

 Artfully Lustrous
Artfully Lustrous
Artfully lustrous is a shimmery sheer light gold with rose tone. It applied smoothly and needed two coats to build the shade, but was still sheer. This one was my least favourite, not because of the sheerness, or the colour, what I didn't like about it were the brush strokes.

Revel the red

Revel the red
Revel the red is a bright hot pink creme which is ONE THIN COATER. It applied beautifully was completely opaque, bright and glossy in one coat. This could be used for nail art and stamping without problems. Cheers to that!


 Soulful is a rich mid tone red violet creme with subtle shimmer that is visible in most lightings (click on the picture to enlarge). This polish applied smoothly and was perfect after two coats. I do not have any colour like this in my stash (which we all know is not that big) so is the most interesting shade of the bunch for me.

Gold leaf top coat
Catrice named this polish "Gold Leaf topcoat" which is basically a clear base with  two sizes of glitter, a small rounded gold glitter and a bigger hexagon silver-y glitter. So the name is in my opinion intentionally misleading. Is a nice glittery polish, don't get me wrong, just No Gold leaf what soever.The swatch above is one coat over Soulful, and I quite like it.

I didn't use a topcoat in any of the swatches. So, what you see is what you get. I think the colours in this collection are pretty, with good formulas, but they aren't very original. I'd say is more of a "conservative collection", lol. My favourite here is soulful, though I'm a sucker for hot pinks too (that's why I picked it despite having several similar shades).
The polishes retail for 3.95 CHF each (around 4 USD) and the top coat 4.75 CHF (less than 5 USD)

Let me know what you think, have you tried any of these yet?

Disclosure: I bought all the products reviewed in this post.
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