Hello dears! How are you starting the week?
I've tried to reproduce the nails the model was wearing for the Catrice SpectaculART Collection. For this manicure I have used Catrice Shanghai (gold) from the LE Big City Life collection, and Revel the Red from the SpectaculART collection. The picture above does not show the true colour , I've taken that one under dimmed natural light.

The second picture is more colour accurate, and was taken when the sun eventually decided to show up, but I had to continue with my life meanwhile, so you will excuse the slight tip wear :)

This mani didn't came out as I've imagined. In fact I started with a gold coat ino rder to apply the pink above without covering the half moon area. I tried this with a free hand technique (yes, French guides would have been better if only I had actually found them in my messy packed-unpacked world). As my first intention didn't work out, and I was not going to start over (lazy girl), I just applied the gold polish in the half moon area trying very hard not to mess the whole thing up. I think it worked (well not perfectly) quite decently.

Here is the Catrice picture, that I took from their site.
You can click to enlarge all the pictures in my blog, but then you'll find a lot more flaws!!! You're warned, lol!

So, what do you think of half moon manicures? too old fashion? Do you prefer ruffian manis?
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