Hi there sweeties!Guess what? I've hit WEEK 30 of pregnancy!! 9 more weeks to go, wohooo! Everything is going great according to the last medical visit and the little one is in great shape :)
I am feeling wonderful, but I am also feeling HUGE! I supposed I'm not the only pregnant woman out there with these feelings, and except if you have Kate Middleton's kind of figure (or her kind of money), getting dressed actually becomes a daily challenge after week 30, and I thought it would be nice and useful to share my experience on the blog.

I am having more and more difficulties to choose my everyday outfits and feel both comfortable and aesthetically at ease. At this point my belly size has exploded, I've put on several kilograms, so my regular pants won't help me anymore. Maternity clothes is something that you may want to invest in these cases, but of course, knowing that you'll be wearing them only for few weeks left and knowing that budget usually diminishes with the arrival of a baby, so you'd need to BUY WISE and exploit a max. the clothing you already have and still fit.

In my case I decided to get a new pair of maternity pants, because I have several large and loose tops and cardigans that I can still wear. By keeping the same accessories (boots and belt) I have now three variants for wearing my pants!

Total blue:

Mint maxi cardi:

Grey-ish Top:

So far, so good. These pants have saved me everytime the past couple of weeks, because weather was too cold for leggings or dresses with stockings. They are stretch corduroy slim cut, warm and comfy!

Please, feel free to share your experience, ideas of outfits I could wear, or that you wore being pregnant, or ways to improve my maternity looks! Your comments are most welcome :)



Stretch corduroy pants from H&M Mama
Blue cardigan with satin back from Esprit.com

Mint maxi cardi from Esprit.com
Grey Top V neck freom Esprit.com