Hello, sweeties! I hope you all had a beautiful and peaceful holiday and a Merry Christmas, for those who celebrate it. I decided to take a couple of days off blogging and social media, which turned to be actually 4 days and it was so good! The flu and winter viruses have not given me rest, my children still have a cold, my hubby is feeling under the weather and I am still coughing like a dog, but let's say we're slowly getting better. We made it through the celebrations -somehow- we took it easy, but still got to spend time with family and friends and eat and drink all the delicious things we prepared. It was cosy, without much pretentions, but we really enjoyed it! What was your Christmas/holiday like?
The post I'm (finally) writing today is waaaaay overdue. It was supposed to be written on Friday 22nd, but back then I was sick and couldn't bother. The 26 Great Nail Art Ideas group, challenged us to create a manicure inspired by childhood memories related to Christmas. This is what I came up with. I hope you like it!!

My childhood Christmas, all without exception, happened in Argentina. Down there, it is torrid summer in December, so we celebrate it a little differently. As different as the climate can be (compared to central Europe) we still gather with the loved ones and eat and drink loads of delicious stuff, so in the end, there is not so much difference I guess. Except that, we mainly celebrate the night of Christmas Eve, because of the heat, as it is slightly cooler during the night. So the celebrations can extend very late in the night, sometimes until sunrise!! But not for the children of course... As a child, we would go to sleep around 2-3am. What I remember the most of our tender childhood, was the Christmas tree and the expectation of receiving the gifts after midnight. We always open the gifts right after midnight. We used to gather in my grandmother's house, as it was the largest. I remember the table used to be set outside, in the garden (those were the days before Air conditioning), we were about 20 and you can trust me when I say that wasn't precisely a "Silent Night".

I remember when I was very young, we had a small plastic Christmas tree at home, and not a very pretty one. My mom wouldn't let us decorate it, because she was afraid we could break the glass decorations and get hurt. So we only had the right to watch. I liked watching all the little decorations in our tree, but I liked my grandma's tree and its decorations far more!! I always wanted to be around the tree, and see all the little details, but grandma didn't want all of us (5 cousins) inside her living room (and for a good reason, LOL). So I rarely got the chance to see the tree up close. I quite miss those days!

Today's manicure is a simple red mani, with some stamping and DIY decals. I started painting my nails with a red creme OPI In a Holidaze, except my ring fingernails where I used a shimmery red OPI Red fingers and Mistletoes. Then I did a stamping decal of Christmas trees using a gold shade Butter London Goss, and a green OPI Christmas Gone plaid, and apply it to my middle finger. I also stamped a Santa with a sleigh on my index fingernail. I used the MoYou London Festive collection #01. I sealed the whole thing with some clear top coat and that was it!

I hope you like my manicure! It is a simple one but it was fun creating it. Don't hesitate to leave me a comment telling what your childhood Christmases were like!!
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