Hello, my lovelies! How are you doing today?
I am super excited because I have the OPI Lisbon Collection* for Spring/Summer 2018 swatches to share with you!! This gorgeous collection will be released on the 16th February and will be available for the next 6 months. Are you ready to get a full load of Spring vibes??

I am so excited that the OPI Spring-Summer collection is here, that makes me long for spring already! These are twelve mostly creme shades except for one shimmery red and one metallic rose gold. The Collection as a whole is a lovely happy rainbow with some really sweet pastels and some crazily vibrant colours inspired by the Beautiful city of Lisbon.

The twelve shades of this collection are available in three formulas: Regular OPI Nail Polish (with black cap), the longlasting Infinite Shine Formula (with Silver cap), and the GelColor formula. I have swatched half of the colours in the regular nail polish formulation and the other half in Infinite Shine formula.

Let's start with the swatches, shall we?  I'm showing you all the swatches with two coats of colour and without topcoat, Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them:)

Made It To the Seventh Hill! Your nails will peak with this soft golden rose. I'm crazy about rose gold, I love everything rose gold! Except this is not the most flattering for my complexion, lighter as well as deeper skintones than mine look absolutely amazing with this color! It took two easy coats to get this result, as you can see there are not a lot of brush strokes which is great for a metallic!

Lisbon Wants Moor OPI. Encore! Encore! Your nails will demand moor from this delicate pink.
This is such a lovely light shade, it is almost white with the slightest hint of pink. I was quite impressed with the application because usually, such pastel shades are a pain, but this one went smooth as butter, two coats, perfectly smooth. To me, this shade represents a wonderful canvas for nail art! In fact I've already done some nail art on top of it ;) Check it here!

You’ve Got Nata on Me. Maybe not, but this provocative peach will tell all.
Peach is a must in any Spring collection and this is a gorgeous universally flattering one. In fact, it is not too warm, so that more neutral skin toned beauties would love it too. Super fresh and feminine, this was my hubby's favourite.

Tagus in That Selfie! Impossible to hide behind this bright pink. You’re tagged!
Hmm, well, sometimes the descriptions can be deceiving, when I see Tagus in that Selfie! I don't see bright pink at all. To my eye this is a beautiful and luminous baby pink. GORGEOUS on deeper skint tones, and my little princess' favourite.This was also surprisingly easy to apply, and this time I'm really reconsidering my opinion about the Infinite Shine formulation.

No Turning Back From Pink Street. Dance ‘til dawn in this fabulous magenta.
Oh my, this pink (magenta or fuchsia if you please) is SO beautiful!! I'm such a sucker for this kind of shades, I think they scream "Summer" and they are also ideal for pedis.

We Seafood and Eat It. Lobster never looked so good.
This one has to be the brightest shade of pinkish Coral I've ever seen! Ok, I get the "Lobster" here because this is a cool toned red with a hint of pink (that is like coral in my book). This was super easy to apply, it was smooth, fully opaque in two coats and sooooo glossy!

Now Museum, Now You Don’t. We love this metallic red so much, we’d wear it for centuries!
Here it is another favourite of mine in this collection. This is so freaking elegant! It is bright enough for summer but this is typically the shade you can sport all year round and the polish you'd choose for that special event. I will totally be sporting this for Valentine's.

A Red-vival City. A red that never needs a comeback.
This red, that in my book is more like a bright coral (yes coral is a kind of large category for me, lol). It is so appropriate for Summer! This is my kind of colour for the beach, I love it that it makes my hands look a bit more tanned and that lifts up my spirits. Believe you me, this polish made me forget we still have two long months of winter to go through ;)

Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants. Shake it off and enjoy this sunshiny yellow.
This is a lovely corn yellow or sunny yellow! This was the only colour out of 12 that needed a little more care for the application. Nothing major although, as you can see in my pictures it dries pretty smooth and opaque. But during application, it seems to be a bit streaky and I used three coats on some of my nails to smoothen things out. This is something nailistas know, for some strange reason, the yellow polish is always a bit (or a lot) more difficult to apply. I only own one Yellow polish that is liquid perfection for application and that is OPI Exotic brids do not tweet, from last year's Spring -Summer collection.

Closer Than You Might Belém. We’ll travel land and sea to get this coastal sea green.
To me this is the star of the show, this beautiful tiffany blue, it is so radiant and such a pretty colour for Spring. I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to apply, and it dried so fast!

Tile Art to Warm Your Heart. Tile your nails with this exciting mosaic blue.
This blue comes in pictures just a tad lighter than in real life. But still a gorgeous colour! For me it's not quite a tile kind of blue, I imagine tile blue a bit richer and darker, but you know each person's perception of colour is different!

OPI Lisbon - Tile Art to Warm your heart

OPI Lisbon - Tile Art to Warm your heart

Suzi Chases Portu-geese. White to excite. No more wild goose chase. 
Oh, my, what is it with these names?? LOL. I have no idea. However if you are in the eternal hunt of a good white polish, this is IT. It is opaque in two light coats, super buttery to apply, forget those gooey, glue-like white polishes you've been strugling with. This baby is PERFECT. It practically applied by itself! In my opinion, OPI should consider making this white a permanent shade, because I don't rememember OPI doing such an excelent white formulation in years.

As you can see, I received half of the collection in Infinite Shine formulation (those with the silver cap) and the other half in regular formula (those with the black cap). If you've been a follower for a while you know that, while I absolutely love the regular formula, I'm not so happy with the Infinite Shine version. Well,  I used to complain that the formula was too thick and difficult to work with, also a bit streaky. I have noticed NONE of these issues with the Lisbon collection!!  Thumbs up to OPI for improving this formulation! I have to say this time the Infinite Shine polishes have impressed me, and they come really close to the regular formulation except that they take longer to dry and they are glossier for longer.

The regular polishes were a dream to apply as usual, they all were smooth, fully opaque in two coats, glossy without topcoat, with the only one exception of Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants, the yellow one, which needed three coats to look perfectly smooth (which is of course not a major issue).

All in all, this is a fantastic collection, with very happy and bright colours, there is something for everyone as usual! What is your favourite here??

The OPI Lisbon Collection will launch on 16th February 2018 in Switzerland. All the colours are available in classic nail polish, Infinite Shine formula and GelColor, with the recommended retail price of 19.90 CHF/bottle (15 ml) for the classic formula and 24.90 CHF/bottle (15ml) for the Infinite Shine. You can find your nearest point of sale here: www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy.


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.