I love jewellery, and have a few expensive pieces... that I NEVER wear!! I'm always afraid to lose them or ruin them (I have two small children always hanging from some part of my body). So I end up opting for affordable stuff. Yes, aaaaall the way! I can wear it daily without fear of bumping it, damaging it (yes, I'm also clumsy...) or losing it, because I know I can always replace it. You can hardly find jewelry that is more affordable than at Born Pretty Store, and with such cute designs as the Olive branch adjustable ring like the one I got!

I was so excited to show you this ring because I find it so original and really full of meaning. You know, olive branches are traditionally known as a PEACE symbol, so you could totally wear this as a symbol for peace, if you are a pacifist. I think it could make a nice gift for someone fond of delicate jewelry too!

The ring is made of alloy and silver plated, it has a beautiful and delicate design imitating olive branches with golden leaves. The ring is very flexible and versatile to be worn in different ways. As it is adjustable you can also wear it as a knuckle ring!

This Cute Olive branch adjustable ring is available at Born Pretty Store and retails for 3.15 (down from 4.20) USD.  Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (applicable to not discounted items)  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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Do you wear mostly expensive or affordable jewelry? Would you wear a ring like this one? Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!