Seriously, I feel young inside.
I'm eager to do new things all the time. Always thinking what's the latest? I don't feel at all 36, I feel more like 26. I believe the sparkle in my eyes shows my true age at heart. Unfortunately, my skin doesn't quite agree with my feelings. My skin does not follow my spirits, but she has this annoying tendency to obey to nature and gravity. I do not want to hide my age or pretend to be younger, I want my skin to show how my inner-self feels: young!

After all, I'm not 86, I'm 36, there are lots of things I can do for my skin. Treating my skin to fine cosmetics is definitely one very important thing to look my best. So when I heard Coolbrandz was looking for people to test the new skincare range Revitalift Filler HA by L'oréal Paris, I immediately jumped in (head first). I was so excited to learn I was chosen among so many applicants that I started using the range right away. You know I like to do things right, so I tested this range for 4 full weeks, now I am ready to give you my honest opinion with an in-depth review!!

You see, as I have a rounded chubby face, I am not one with loads of wrinkles. The way my face shows the passing of the years is by the loss of plumpness, the loss of firmness and hydration. My skin tends to look flaccid, my undereye area sinks and my complexion looks dull. Believe you me, it is not the way I feel in my heart! When I first read about Revitalift Filler [HA] what filled me with excitement and anticipation was the promise of a skincare that would address the problem of volume loss in the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural component of the skin which main function is to keep water (moisture) in between the cells of your skin. As we age, the natural reserves of HA diminish resulting in a less hydrated skin, which leads to loss of volume, dullness, and formation of wrinkles. L’Oréal Paris comes up with a re-volumising anti-aging care with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, which is what the [HA] stands for, and promises a visibly plumper, re volumised skin. This range is addressed to women between the age of 40 to 60. 

My skin profile:

Before my review begins, I would like to state that what works for me, might not work for you. Just as a reminder, I am a 36-year-old with dry to dehydrated skin. I suffer from occasional breakouts and dry patches. My skin is sensitive to some fragrances, alcohol and some actives like shea butter (which people normally love). I have a 4 year old and a sleepless baby, my nights are very short and my days very busy. 

I have been using this range for four weeks and I would love to tell you my experience and opinions about it! Let me present you the four specific products included in this range.

L'oréal Revitalift Filler HA eye cream


This cream comes in a tube with an ergonomic applicator. Halleluya for that!! If you read me frequently you know how I hate eyecreams in a jar because they are so anti-hygienic. Squeeze tubes are my favourite! Thumbs up for that.

The tube contains 15 ml of a lightweight cream which claims to re-plump your undereye area and re-fill the crows-feet wrinkles, with noticeable results as early as 4h after application in some cases.

My experience

Does this cream do what it claims? YES! 
This is my absolute favorite product from the range, I've used it for four weeks and I applied morning and evening on my eye area. I noticed an improvement around the third day of using this. I don't have crows-feet wrinkles because of the shape of my eyes, but my undereye area sinks terribly. This cream has helped me with that situation! Not only the area looks and feels smoother and replumped, it also looks less dark! 

I also appreciate that the cream moisturizes without beaing greasy at all. The product sinks in very quickly and gets along perfectly with makeup. I definitely recommend this cream, especially if you are struggling with similar problems to mine.

L'oréal Revitalift Filler [HA] Serum


This serum comes in a tube with a pointy applicator. The tube has a dosing sytem by pushing in the back of it. Again, I'm very fond of this kind of applicators because they are very hygienic and avoid product waste. More thumbs up!
The tube contains 16 ml of product, which is the half of the regular size of most serums in the market. However, this is still quite affordable for its kind.

The serum claims to refill the wrinkles and re-volumize your skin from the first application.

My experience
The serum has a lightweight texture, very pleasant to apply. The skin feels instantly hydrated when I use this, even some nights I've only applied the serum to sleep and the morning after my skin was perfectly hydrated. I do notice an improvement, as the fine lines around my mouth (those which come with smiling) are less noticeable. I do not notice an overall "plumpness" improvement, but my skin does feel a bit firmer and my complexion looks bright, which is saying a lot. 

L'oréal Revitalift Filler [HA] Replumping Night cream


This night cream comes in a jar. You know how I feel about jars. Me don't like'em. Would that be too much to ask for a tube, please? 
The jar contains 50 ml of product, which is standard for L'oréal and many drugstore brands.

The night cream claims to refill the wrinkles and restore the volume of your skin night after night to result in a firmer younger looking skin.

My experience
I do like this night cream. It is very rich and creamy without EVER being greasy or oily. I haven't had any awful dry patch as those I usually get in winter, so I cannot tell if this cream will be able to deal with that particular issue. I will update this post if that is the case in the near future. Overall, my skin feels very hydrated and comfortable, I do I notice a very slight improvement in my skin firmness as well. I'd say, the serum and the night cream form a very pleasant combo that is worthy to try.

L'oréal Revitalift Filler [HA] Replumping Day cream

This night cream comes in a jar. I won't be repeating myself. You get the point, right? The jar contains 50 ml of product, which is standard for L'oréal and many drugstore brands.

The day cream claims to refill the wrinkles and restore the volume of your skin result in a firmer younger looking skin.

My experience
The day cream is creamy and hydrating,  does not feel greasy at all, nor it feels super rich as the night cream. It sinks in quickly and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and very smooth. 
But this is unfortunately a product I wouldn't repurchase for two reasons: it does not contain SPF -which for an anti-ageing cream for me is a must- and it doesn't get along very well with my liquid foundation (it "peels" as I apply it with my brush). This means that when I use this cream I will have to apply sunscreen and primer on top of it before foundation, and that is too many layers for my liking. That being said, if you don't wear liquid foundation and you don't mind applying sunscreen, this is a very neat day cream.  

Bottom line

I have been following some specific skincare routines for the last 6 months, with great results. My skin was in its best condition ever before starting to use L'oréal Revitalift Filler [HA] and I was a little worried that my skin wouldn't like this change or worse, that it would react to it!

None of that happen. My skin continues to look great, I haven't had breakouts or weird reactions, and I did noticed some slight improvements in the firmness and plumpiness of my skin. Having used the four products in combination, I cannot say which of them is more responsible for the improvements, I would say it is a combination of the four. Except of course for the eye cream, which I do believe it is a bit of a wonder in a tube! All in all a very good range for +40 ladies :)

The Revitalift Filler [HA] range is available in Switzerland in drugstores and supermarkets that currently carry L'oréal skincare range.

What about you? Do you feel younger than your age inside? Do your skincare really help you look the way you feel? Let it all out in the comment section down below!!