Hi, Sweeties! How are you today?
I hope you are doing great! I am super excited today because tomorrow I'll be going to Paris! I love that city so much, I've been there on several occasions, the last one was last year with my parents and we had a great time. This time I'll be staying for only one day, I'll attend a press event and come back home. I'll leave home early in the morning and come back before midnight (hopefully with both my shoes and no pumpkins ;) But I do have 6 full hours to spend on site, the event only takes 2 hours or so. I haven't travelled alone in a very long time! So I'm also a bit nervous about it, you know I get old and shortsighted, lol... but I think I can manage not getting lost in Paris, lol. In fact, it is a big city and I do speak French so it should be fine ;) If you don't have signs of me on Friday, then call 911, lol.

Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on a new Facial Mask I've tried and liked very much! It is The Face Shop "Real Nature" Blueberry Mask*, I tell you more about it after the jump.

Today I am presenting to you the The Face Shop "Real Nature" Blueberry Mask that my husband purchased for me directly from their shop in Toronto (and a whole bunch of other cool stuff he got for me that'll be showing you soon.)

The Face Shop "Real Nature" Blueberry Mask

Claim and instructions

The mask sheet with Blueberry essence (the gifted superfood), replenishes skin's moisture barrier to protect its energy and vitality and help create baby-soft skin.
The Face Shop's uses a special natural squeeze-and-extraction technology, which consists in grounding whole natural plant extracts with water.
The mask is made of an air pocket pulp sheet. The air pockets in the tissue ontain a handful of nutritional essence, providing natural moisture and nourishment to the skin.

How to:
Wash your face and apply toner. Remove the sheet from package and remove the film on one side of the sheet. Apply evenly and firmly to the face. Remove the sheet after 10 to 15 minutes and gently pat to promote absorption of the remaining essence.


The Face Shop mask comes in a sealed sturdy pouch that encloses the mask and 20g of serum. This is quite standard! The mask seems quite thicker than the mask from the other range of the same brand and also from the thin masks from the brand Etude house (that I've reviewed here)
I also like that the packaging has full instructions, ingredients and even some notes on how the ingredients work. Everything is written in English AND French! Thumbs up for that!

Mask shape and application

I have tried other masks from this brand, and I much prefer those from the "The solution" ange. The face shop has actually several facial masks ranges, the ones I've tried are "Real nature" and "The solution". The Blueberry mask belong to the "Real nature" range, from which I've also tried the "Honey" mask that I've reviewed here.
The mask is large enough for my face, I find the holes to be large enough for my eyes, nose and mouth, which is good! The tissue seem a bit thicker and less flexible than the masks from the Solution range, it is not difficult to unfold and apply because it is not so extremely thin, but I find it doesn't adhere perfectly to the face like other masks I've tried.


Nothing calls my attention on the list, I don't spot any particular irritant ingredient, except the added fragrance which is the very last ingredient on the list (meaning it is very low concentration) and it didn't bother my skin at all. There are, on the contrary, many of the "good" ingredients, the main being blueberry fruit extract which will greatly contribute to improving moisturizing, and plump up your skin by reinforcing your skin protection barrier. There is also Peony root extract which is known for giving firmness to the skin, as well as Grapefruit which helps also with firmness and radiance and castor oil which is great to improve moisture balance on your dermis.

Personal Experience

The package contains a folded sheet mask which bathes in 20ml of serum, which is largely enough for one application.
The essence or serum is quite liquidy and has a transparent colour. As I got the mask out of the package, I could unfold it quite easily because the mask is not so thin that it would stick to itself as other masks. However, the fact of the mask being a little bit thicker (we are talking less than half a milimiter anyway!) I find it does not perfectly adhere to my face, especially on the edges and around the nose and mouth. As I apply the mask to my face the feeling is very pleasant, not cold or itching at all. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, although it says maximum 15. I then remove the sheet and massage the remaining essence until it was fully absorbed. I also re apply a bit of essence that remained in the packaging and massage it on my face.

It was a great moisture boost! But I can't tell if it does something "friming to my skin" in fact I think it doesn't. I was so impressed with the "Collagen" Mask from this same brand, that this blueberry mask competes in a total different league.
The blueberry mask keft my skin feeling super soft, it really boosted its moisture, and the skin looks a lot better, but I still prefer the Collagen mask because the effect was so much visible. I suppose if you are young, 20's or early 30's, you can get away with the Blueberry mask for a great effect. But if you are anywhere near your 40's (like me), you'd definitely profit more from the Collagen mask.

I hope this review was useful for you to know a little more about Korean beauty products and brands.
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Have you tried any Korean Beauty product? If so, what's your favourite? Is saggy skin a problem of yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!

*The items reviewed were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.