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A while ago I started a series of posts that I named "Brand in the spotlight", where I dedicated one blog post to feature only one brand. In this series, I present new (or new to me), big or small,
brands that have some outstanding aspects that call my attention and that I consider they deserve to be featured and shared with you!
Today I'd like to share with you a brand you might know if you like to watch youtube videos about makeup. This is Makeup Geek Cosmetics, the products I own* from this brand and the look I've created using them!

The brand Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Makeup Geek Cosmetics is a brand founded by the youtuber Marlena Stell a.k.a. "Makeup Geek". Marlena is a makeup educator who is passionate about makeup and wants to share her passion with others. Her brand was born as a way of offering high-quality colours, at an affordable price point and cruelty cruelty-free.

In the cosmetics and makeup industry, a certain brand is usually associated with a set of characteristics: quality standards, ethical standards, colour schemes, social signification, price range, etc. The message that Makeup Geek transmit as a brand is: high-quality products, for professional or amateurs ("geeks") of makeup, with a versatile side that allows you to customize the product at a very affordable price point.

Makeup Geek Signature Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows were the first products from the brand and they still keep their special place in it. Not only the range of colours and textures is very varied, but it also the pigments are of an excellent quality. The Makeup Geek eyeshadows are known to be very pigmented, soft and easy to blend. But the most remarkable feature is the ability for you to choose and build your own eyeshadow palette.
These retail for about 6 USD each shadow, available here.

Makeup Geek Travel Vault palette

The shadows are affordable, also, they are sold individually.  This way, I can get one of the empty palettes and totally customize it. My palette is like a professional one: I use up the one colour, I go and just refill that ONE color. So simple, yet so very few brands offer this possibility at a really affordable price point!
The empty palette can fit 9 eyeshadows or 4 face powders (brush, contour, bronzer), or a combo of the two!
This retails for about 13 USD and is available here..

Makeup Geek Powder Blush Pan in "Heart Throbe"

The blushes are of a great quality, silky sot to work with, nicely pigmented, you need to be very light-handed, you only need the slightest swipe of your brush to deploy really intense pigment. They blend very well and are longlasting once they are put!
the shade Heart Throbe is my favourite for every day looks! It gives me the right amount of colour on my cheeks to look healthy without it seeming fake.
The blush pans retail for 10 USD each and are available here.

Makeup Geek Contour powder pan in Complicated (cool medium)

I don't usually contour, except when I do some dramatic looks and my complexion and features need a little more definition. In that case, I only like a very light-weight contouring, so that the final result looks as "natural" as possible. This Powder contour is perfect for that "natural" looking contouring, as it is pigmented but very easy to blend, creating the perfect shadows to enhance my features without looking too obvious. This is my go-to contouring powder and the only one which matches my skin tone perfectly!
The contour pans retail for 10 USD each and are available here.

Makeup Geek Bronze Luster Compact in "Sunkissed"

I am a bronzer gal much more than I am a contouring gal! I use bronzer on a daily basis, just a touch of a fair bronzer, without shimmer but with a "sheen" to it, and this one is perfect for that purpose! There are only two bronzers that I can use on a daily basis and look very natural on me, this is one, the other was a limited edition that I can no loger find! Other bronzers at this price point are usually either too dark or too orange for me, I hate "orange" face! LOL
This blends so easily, until it is almost imperceptible, so you never ever get harsh lines on your fae with these finely milled powders.
The bronzer compacts retail for 20 USD each and are available here.

Makeup Geek Highlighter Compact in "Luster"

Makeup Geek has launched many different highlighter shades, even a special line of "duochrome" highlighters! That is so fancy!! But out of all the range they offer I think the most gorgeous and flattering shade is this pinky-golden-peachy highlighter named "Luster". It is perfect on my light skin, it looks gorgeous also on very fair and on medium sin tones, and it is so pretty! It doesn't have glitter or shimmer chunks, it is fine powder with almost a creamy feeling, that blends flawlessly leaving a gorgeous glow. I am in love and I've been using it in all my looks since November ;)

The highlighter compacts retail for 20 USD each and are available here.

Plush Matte Liquid lipstick in "Soccer Mom"

Last but not least, a lipstick with a perfect colour for everyday looks! This matte lipstick has a great formulation, it is very indulgent on my lips, covering all my chappy bits, giving a little moisture to my lips, but still being ultra matte. I don't know how they made it, but it works. It is very comfortable on the lips, it is not drying at all, quite the opposite, it moisturizes the lips. It is longlasting, but it is not indelible, you'll need to re-apply after a meal, which is totally normal for me.
I love the shade soccer mom, which is a nude rose with a touch of peach. It looks much more "peach" on my pictures because of the light, but trust me on this, it is much more a nude rose than it is a peach :)
The plush matte lipsticks retail for 12 USD each and are available here.

Makeup Look using Makeup geek products

Here it is a makeup look I created using most of the products I own. Of course, I didn't use all the shadows, but 6 of them: Brownie Points, Peach smoothie, Mirage, Showtime, Corrupt and Gold Digger. I also used the blush, the contour powder, the highlighter and the lipstick. I hope you like this look.

Bottom Line

You might have noticed that my choices about this brand are more "basic" or "everyday" ones, that is because Makeup Geek is actually the brand that I reach for my everyday makeup!  My basic colours: cream, brown, black, gold, those colours that you use to compliment ANY look, even when you are planning a pink neon look, you must use a transition colour. Well, all my transitions and basics are from Makeup Geek. That's exactly what this brand means to me: a MUST HAVE. Of course, Makeup Geek also has amazing extravagant colours, but I thought to leave that for another post and focus today on the most basic but necessary stuff.
This is an affordable brand offering pro-quality products that allow you to customize your own palettes. I can't recommend this enough if you love makeup and you love customizing your palettes without breaking the bank.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Geek range yet? What do you think of my picks and the look I've created with them? Let me know in the comments!


*The items reviewed were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. This article contains affiliate links.