Hello my lovelies! How are you today? I'm very excited because I've been waiting impatiently for this new Catrice Limited edition to be available since I first saw the promo pictures. Catrice The Arts collection is inspired by three different artistic movements: Art Nouveau, Baroque and Art deco, all very rich in colour and details. The Collection consists on three eyes and face palettes and three coordinated nail polishes. You can see all the items of the collection collection here
Unlike last year, when I picked the 3 palettes of Big city life collection, this year I couldn't justify owning more bronze and gunmetal eyeshades, or yet another gold nail polish. So the Art Déco palette and polish were out of the question. I'm still hhesitant whether I should pick the Art Nouveau set, or maybe just the polish. Finally, I only bought one the Baroque palette and nail polish which I'll be showing you today.

I'm so thrilled to show you my picks!! (click on pictures to enlarge)

The Baroque palette
Packaging: The three palettes have  a gorgeous packaging! They are made of matte cardboard and are quite thick, which gives them more resistance and protects the contents. The designs on the palettes are exquisit! Some colourful designs representing each Art movement for each palette, simply gorgeous. The Baroque box is decorated with pink, mauve and gold baroque inspired ornaments.
There is also a some instructions for creating "The Art look" at the back of the boxes.

Contents: Each palette contains six (6) eyeshadows (1.5g each), two cheek products: a highlighter and a blush (2.5g each), a mini black eye pencil (0.28g) and a double-ended applicator with sponge in one end a brush in the other.
The palette I chose is labeled CO1 at Catrice's website, but there's not labeling or name or code at all on the product! The colours, unlike the past editions of Catrice palettes, have no individual name, which is regretable.

Colourwise, I'm in love with this palette. All the eyeshadows belong to the rose and mauve nuances, just perfect for Fall and Winter in my opinion!
All the shades on the palette are true to the pan, what you see is what you get, which is good.

The eyeshades are soft and blend easily, with ZERO FALL OUT yay! They're nicely pigmented, but  they definitely show better with a primer. I've used them with a primer and they have an excellent long-lasting power! The swatches you see were done using a primer.

The cheek shades are lovely. Both are rather cool toned, but surprisingly not clashing on my warm complexion. The blush is super pigmented pink with a fantastic sheen, but not glittery or anything. The highlighter is a very pale cool toned pink that can brighten the cheekbones. However, on my face is barely noticeable when blended, very subtle. I suppose this highlighter will have a greater effect on very pale cool toned skin, or on very deep cool toned skin. Both face powders are surprisingly long-lasting.

The mini black eye pencil has a subtle sparse silver shimmer to it, which is visible on the tip of the pencil, but not so much on the skin. It's definitely not visible when you use it on the eyes. It's a regular kohl pencil, and it does budge when wearing it, so unless you're counting on smudging it and smoking it a lot, I'd just leave it alone.

Catrice Arts Collection nail polish in C01 Pinkroque

The shade I picked is pink! well, a sheer rose pink loaded with pink and silver micro shimmer, which make the shade so light reflective it gives a metallic or foil appearance when seen from afar.
The brush is surprisingly good. I was definitely not loving Catrice brushes for the latest version of their permanent range. But this one is ok, not too stiff or too soft, not too wide or too thin, really a decent brush.

The formula of this nail polish is on the thick side. But it's totally manageable and not gloopy at all. It is nicely opaque on the first coat, if you have short nail you might get away with one coat, I needed two coats for covering vnl. This is not supposed to be glossy, its finish is satin-, which I also love. The only downside was long drying time, but I was using a new base coat so that could have influenced the drying time. Swatches are without topcoat, under (very dimmed) natural light.
What do you think of this shade? would that be a good pink for October's Breast Cancer Awareness manicures?

I've created a look wearing this palette and I'm itching to show you! but I still haven't uploaded the pics.The palette has exactly the range of colours that was missing in my collection: warm mauves and roses. Not pink, not wines, not purples, not plums, I'm so in the mood for these colours this Fall.
The overall impression is good and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Have you picked or are you planning to pick anything from this collection? I'd love to know :)
Stay tuned for the upcoming makeup look.

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